Manage Roles for Applicant

The EBiz POC or other users with the Expanded AOR role must log in to and assign role(s) in the system. Roles are assigned to a user's profile with your organization.

How to Assign or Reassign Roles

  1. Click the Manage Applicants link, which is under the Applicant Management header on the Applicant Center page.

  2. Search for the user by entering their Username, First Name, or Last Name.

  3. Click the Search button to generate results.

  4. Review the search results table, the select the Manage Roles link in the Actions column for the user whom you want to change their roles. A pop-up window will open.

  5. The Applicant Workspace Access table summarizes the number of workspaces and specific access levels this user holds within those workspaces. Please keep this in mind as you reassign roles.

  6. From the Assigned Roles list, click the empty box to the left of a role to assign a role. To unassign a role, click the checked box to the left of the role.

Note: Some applicant organizations inactivate the Expanded AOR role, so that the it cannot be further delegated. Review the Manage Organization Profile help article for more information.

  1. To save your changes, click the Save button. To cancel your changes, click the Cancel button.

Explanation of Role Privileges

Below are all of the privileges associated with standard roles along with brief definitions.

Basic Workspace Privileges (the Workspace Manager core role has these privileges, as do the AOR core roles listed below)

Standard Privileges (the Standard AOR core role has these privileges)

Expanded Privileges (the Expanded AOR core role has these privileges)